The Wicked Album Mix/Unwicked

In the case of the Wicked Album and Unwicked, it’s really more of a chronology and difference in ideas for how to arrange some music. When I first started having grand visions of what it would be like to produce an album, I wanted to make The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon just like everyone else, with all it’s transitions and even grandiose dramatic piano (Yeah, that’s a release unto itself. Stay tuned.) and would never just collect a set of the best tracks I hadĀ from a group of arrangements and just commit to those and make them play together. I wanted a bunch of recurring themes and basically a rock opera or hint at some continuity like The Downward Spiral does at the very least, I guess. Well, that never happened exactly, but I eventually learned how to settle for the best-ofs and make them play together for the first time on The Wicked Album Mix which was kind of a compromise because it does have some seamless transitions, but I don’t know how you can really have a rock opera without lyrics.

The problem then becomes that while The Wicked Album incorporates some of the best arrangements I did in the “FL” era of arranging, as well as some good arrangements I did from around the same time as The Wicked Album, I never really did a release for the “FL-###” era of tracks, and there are some pretty good ones on there, I think. Also, because The Wicked Album is a bit of a remix, it’s not the full length, fully arranged version of FL-002 or whatever that intro track is. (Seriously, I forget what track is what more than you’d know. Maybe I should commit to more creative track names.)