Websites of Note

  • Create Digital Music – Gear news, artist features.
  • Synthopia  –  Gear news.
  • KVRAudio – Plugin repository and download site, as well as plugin news.
  • Gearslutz – Where paralysis analysis finds a home.
  • Music Radar – Gear news and reviews.
  • Switched On Austin – Representing the local synth shop with one of the best cross sections of gear you could hope for in a local shop, which means more temptation than should be reasonable. Great people and solid expertise on repairs. The website does get updated pretty frequently with new inventory and they do ship.
  • Ghostly International – One of the best labels for IDM and chillwave based in Ann Arbor, MI, but they’re mainly here because I enjoy playing  cheeky Twitter games with their social media liaisons(s).


  • /r/synthesizers – Gear discussion and sound demos.
  • /r/edmproduction – Free samples, sound design, some gear and mixing discussion.
  • /r/modular – Modular synthesizer discussion and demos.
  • /r/noise – Appreciation of noise.
  • /r/triphop – For those of us who still like the dirty and dusty down tempo.
  • /r/makinghiphop – Discussion of sample use and chopping, contests, and critiques.
  • /r/glitchart – Either accidentally or purposefully created artwork emphasizing the happy accidents that result from failing or malfunctioning cameras or playback devices.


  • Sonic State – Nick Batt discusses Pulse Width Modulation.
  • Red Means Recording – All you really need is an OP-1
  • Cuckoo Music – Excellent gear demos and tutorials, particularly toward the Elektron range of little black boxes.
  • SwitchedOn – Gear demos and performances from the local guys.

Sample Source Material

  • Sounds Resource – This is the little gem that made me decide I should have an old school style links page. It’s a great resource for samples from video games.