This thing hasn’t been taken over Russian hackers yet?! OK! Let’s do an update!

Last summer was a flurry of activity and then a sudden exhausted silence followed by a 3-4 month sidetrack learning how to make shit out of dead trees.  Long story short, I’m expecting to have another spurt of activity as I try to justify my gear lust with more YouTube performances, discussions and tutorials.  At this point, I’ve thrown a lot of energy at my music and gotten little more than personal satisfaction, (and really, this is all that was ever in the contract) but my main thought on that is that it’s a failure of my own habit of neither promoting or engaging with other like-minded people online and IRL, and more importantly, on a regular basis.

So for now, my kitchen table is monopolized with speakers, a mixer, my tripod, and a blank canvas upon which to do whatever, record it, talk about shit, and then edit it. It’s been years since I’ve had video editing as a semi-regular part of my activity diet, but I know that’s the direction I want to go in, even if YouTube dies tomorrow.  Hopefully this becomes a weekly thing soon and that will coincide with more blog updates. I definitely intend to make this site the “deep dive” on things discussed in the videos and as a jumping off point for future videos.

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