Prickles and Goo Records

All releases need a label to be attached for typical digital distribution (and probably otherwise… this side of things is still really new to me) and thus enters Prickles and Goo Records, the label I publish Daemon Electricity releases under. Who knows where this will go. I hope to at least have a cute logo that looks good on stickers and t-shirts at some point at the very least, but for now, Prickles and Goo remains the label under which I self publish.

The name Prickles and Goo is derived from one of Alan Watts’ lectures on personalities that are more rigid and dependent on predictable reality vs those that are more fluid, adaptive and accepting of uncertainty. However, this is not entirely meant to discount the need for harsh absolutism when it comes time to make a decision or glorify complete absurdity and failure to engage in one’s surroundings because everything is in flux and this coffee cup could spontaneously turn into a rubber duck, but rather to show that the most individuals are usually a combination of the two. I hate how much this sounds like something a school counselor would talk about.